About Us

“Mind Like Parachute. Works best when OPEN.” (Charlie Chan)

We need a clear, open mind, which employs critical thinking and which considers the ramifications of our actions.

I have been interested in the brain, improving its functionality and the individual’s creativity for many years. I have been following politics, human interactions and feedback control systems for years. Even before  I was a rocket scientist (really a rocket engineer).

I have studied control system theory, art, computer technology, artificial intelligence, and management science. I play chess and bridge. This has given me an appreciation of the importance of looking at the ramifications of your actions.

In control system theory, chess, and bridge, examining the impact of what you do now, and how the outside world will respond is essential for success.

Do we have a carbon dioxide problem?

How do we convert CO2 to O2? HMMM Maybe plant grass on the tops of our cars?

I am now a pretty good artist. ( www.sandysart.info ). Therefore I am directly involved with creativity and also I have taught classes on creativity and innovation.

All of this has gone into my desire to establish this unique website. I hope you will enjoy it, maybe learn a thing or two and of course participate.

Check out my unique www.comejoinus.info

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