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Most people can only see a one or two moves ahead and then their eyes glaze over. We have to develop the skill and mental stamina to look 5 to 10 moves ahead.
This category will highlight techniques to do this.

A Few Thoughts on the Impact of Recreational Drugs on US Culture

The impact of recreational drugs has undermined the morality of this country. This can be illustrated by the lack of regard for the truth by our President, politicians, business people and our media. I thought this might be a good … Continue reading

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GREEN is The new RED

The green movement may have not been started by the communists but it has been co-opted by them. As Lenin said “useful idiots” provide the reds with powerful unwitting allies. The greens do this in spades. Much of the economic … Continue reading

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Looking past the first and second moves

What is the goal of the postings we will have under this category? The goal is to expose people to the need to consider the ramifications of what actions they wish to take and the ramifications of what positions they espouse. … Continue reading

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