Happiness VS Pleasure

The other day I was driving to Irvine CA and I was listening to Dennis Prager, someone whom I have listened to, enjoyed and respected for many years. He had a caller who was a recovering hedonist. The caller spoke about him learning the difference between happiness and pleasure, and that chasing pleasure was a long and destructive path to take. Always needing more to get the same level of pleasure.

This struck a chord in that I am pleasure driven but also I think I understand what makes me happy. Another radio personality who brought home to me what happiness is about, Dr. David Viscott said that. “to  be happy we must discover our gift and give it a way freely”

This is what I try to do in my life and it brings me happiness. I am lucky in that I get pleasure from healthy pursuits in most cases. I do not do drugs, gamble, or get drunk. I get excitement from telling jokes, which sometimes people get, from hitting tennis and golf balls and from showing off my art. These all supply adrenalin rushes.

I get my happiness by using my analysis skills, my developed ability to read minds and my age to help people  by asking the right questions. I also use my technical, business and social skills to help others.

What I get in return is the greatest gift possible, the fact that they often look to me when they have a problem and that makes me feel worthwhile. That in essence what Dr. Viscott was getting at.

So what is the point of this post. The point is to raise the awareness of the difference between pleasure and happiness and to have you all ask yourself what are you seeking and does that affect whether you are finding happiness or are you spiraling downward seeking pleasure at the cost of your self worth.

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