A Few Thoughts on the Impact of Recreational Drugs on US Culture

The impact of recreational drugs has undermined the morality of this country. This can be illustrated by the lack of regard for the truth by our President, politicians, business people and our media.

I thought this might be a good time to take a quick  look at the impact of recreational drugs on American society. Am I qualified to do the in a rigorous, research oriented way? Of course not, I have never purchased drugs and my only brief encounters with pot  were at a party given by my secretary   years ago when she laced some brownies with some pot, and having a few puffs on a pipe taken at a ski resort on my first date with my second wife. It was her pipe and pot. She was 23 and I was 43.

I have never taken any hard drugs or hallucinogenic drugs. But I am very old and observant and I do have a definite opinion on the subject.

Alcohol has been the most commonly used recreational drug and its affect on society has been well documented. Drunk driving deaths, beaten women and children, uncontrolled sexual encounters, sleeping the night through, loss of mental sharpness, liver disease. The list goes on. When we tried to outlaw it we created something worse. Organized crime and the drinking still did not stop. So, outlawing a desired substance does not work. PERIOD IT DOES NOT WORK.  the ramifications are worst than taking the drug itself.

Pot and other soft drugs. What has been the impact of pot on our society. Unlike Alcohol, pot rarely makes the user abusive, but the increase in response time could result in auto accidents. Pot has been known to relax, and can make a person less ambitious, and not to bright.

To me the impact of Pot and other recreational drugs has not been due to the physiological harm they have done. Though they can do harm

Their continued illegality had resulted in generations of young men and women growing up smoking pot, but having to tell lies to do so. So we now have at least four generations who have continuously lied in order to smoke a substance that is probably less harmful the Alcohol.

 Case in point, our pot smoking, cocaine snorting, tobacco smoking president, Barry, Barach, Soetoro Obama. He has habitually lied about is personal life, his college life, his professional life and has tried to cover this all up by spending millions of dollars on lawyers to secure his records. It is not only Obama who has long ago forgotten to value the truth but many of our media people, other politicians on both sides of the aisle. Who can forget sweet Bill confessing he lied on national TV. For the last 40 years, too many people in this nation have by white lie by white lie over pot have lessened the morality of this country and its former reverence for honesty. Obama’s drug use is well documented, his lies are well documented. Would the morality of the pot smokers  not been  undermined if we had thought through the ramifications of making this recreational drug illegal.

Going with the theme of this website, before we do something we should look at its ramifications. The initial criminalization of pot had a number of unexpected ramifications. 

  • It spawned substantial criminal activity
  • It allowed the distribution of a drug which had no quality control, other than street QA.
  • It required users to lie continuously to continue its use. which undermined the morality of our society.

This last item is the most harmful of all. We cannot trust what our president say about himself, the country, his staff and etc. The media lies and plagiarizes without conscience. http://news.yahoo.com/zakaria-suspended-copying-other-writers-205723178.html 

Do you trust the NY Times after their many cases of printing false stories. Or NBC. Or Dan Rather, or the republican congressman from San Diego who had to resign over the defense department scandal, or our Attorney General who was held in contempt of congress for basically lying. Do you trust the right wing internet publications who print opinions as if they were facts.

The impact of recreational drugs has been not to undermine the physiological health of this country but rather is moral health.

It is not too late to legalize pot but to provide penalties for operating machinery and driving under its influence.


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