Creative Activities

A Short List of Creative Activities

1. Create an original Joke– This is not easy for most people to do. A formula for creating jokes is to make two or three lists, the first of well known people, the second could be of say different foods or maybe different places and the third might be adjectives. The next step is to randomly pick one from each list and see what you could make out of it. You will be amazed that after you start getting into it that you actually can create original jokes. And one of them might even be funny.


2. Create new song lyrics- Pick a well known child's song. Then write down 5 subjects or 5 people. Then choose one and start creating lyrics that match the tune.


3. Write a Haiku poem about a profile on Face Book or From Linked In or from a Chat room. A Haiku poem does not need to rhyme. it si made up of three lines. the first contains 5 syllables, the second 7 and the last 5 again. The first line sets the mood. The second provides information and the third is a zinger which could be unexpected.

An example I am making up at this moment.(it is a variation on an old joke)

My wife is not young

Her smile, her teeth were like stars

They came out at night.

If you have a simple creative exercise pass it along.



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