GREEN is The new RED

The green movement may have not been started by the communists but it has been co-opted by them. As Lenin said “useful idiots” provide the reds with powerful unwitting allies. The greens do this in spades.

Much of the economic chaos we have in the west has been brought on by the green movement. Internationally misinformation, outright lies and false science has frightened a population with too much time on their hands into economic decisions which has resulted in massive job loss, higher energy costs and an oppressive bureaucracy under  a president who has injured the poor with complete knowledge and disregard in spite of his class warfare approach.


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 ► 10:56► 10:56 3, 2009 – 11 min – Uploaded by johnrigs4321
The Son’s instruction to the bride about the devil; the Son’s answer to the bride about why he does not remove

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Sep 16, 2009 – We’ve always believed the environmental movement is really the Communist movement wrapped up real pretty for public consumption.

Originally the plan was to unite these parties alongside the Green Party (De A fourth party, the Communist Workers Party (KAP), joined Enhedslisten in 1991.

GreenLeft (Dutch: GroenLinks, GL) is a green political party operating in the parties: the Communist Party of the Netherlands, Pacifist Socialist Party, the

The Green Party (Strana zelených in Czech) is a political party in the Czech Republic. The party was founded in February 1990 but for a long time it struggled to

European affiliation, European Green Party of the Italian “radical left”, alongside with the Party of Italian Communists and the Communist Refoundation Party.

Instead, Green Party General Counsel David Cobb of Texas won the ….. the fall of Soviet communism in the 1990s, revealed the Communist Party of the Soviet › … › All CategoriesPolitics & GovernmentPolitics

6 answers – Nov 8, 2010

Top answer: Like they say it’s a watermelon. Green on the outside but red to the core.…

Jun 15, 2012 – Natural Law Party of Canada (voluntary deregistration, section 388) Web site: Green Party of Canada Fund…/4676992.Green_Party__communists__criticis…

Oct 13, 2009 – Brighton’s Green Party councillors have been accused of being communists over their recycling and police plans.


·  Fmr Labor MP: Greens full of Communists | Liberty Australia…/fmr-labor-mp-greens-infested-communists

Aug 30, 2010 – Regarding Rhiannon and the Communist Party, journalist Gerard People wonder why so many citizens voted Green; it wasn’t protest votes it,

·  6 Green Lessons We Can Learn From Communism : TreeHugger…/6-green-lessons-we-can-learn-from-commu

Feb 3, 2009 – But what if I told you that in some ways, communism is green? and at cocktail parties, but practicing what you preach is truly what matters.

·  Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) slams Operation Green

 ► 0:52► 0:52 7, 2010 – 52 sec – Uploaded by ANImultimedia
Jharkhand,March 07(ANI):Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist),during the concluding ceremony of its

Darrell Rankin – Communist Party – YouTube

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Jacqueline Romanow – Green Partyby Aaron2Point070 views · The Leader of the Communist Party of

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May 26, 2010 – Posted at Demonstrate against British Petroleum (BP) and their destruction of the Gulf of Mexico and rally for

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Aug 4, 2011 – Covering America’s third parties and independent candidates since May 2008 Constitution Party (1004); Green Party (2279); Independents (1699); Libertarian …. Earl Brower – former President of Communist Party USA

·  The Green Party – A Communist Party with a Designer Green Label ……/5d2189129130f0dd?fwc=1

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socialists like the Green Party is? No they aren’t! Don’t fall for the designer Hemp labels of the communist Green Party. Immigration plus more

·  Green Party accepts neo-liberal agenda – Communist Party of Ireland

Green Party accepts neo-liberal agenda. It has been said of the Labour Party that it wrestles with its conscience and its conscience always loses when it goes

·  European Green Party – – Portugal

The Portuguese Green party, Partido Ecologistica-Os Verdes, was founded in participated in several coalitions with other parties (the Communist Party and the

·  European Green Party – – Spain

IC emerges as a party with a new left-leaning idiosyncrasy, combining communism, ecology and republicanism, represented with the colours red, green a


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